Ginnie Cat – Sessions 1-4

I’ve been painting this lovely kitty commission while working on the website, so I wanted to post a few pics of the progression from where she started to where she is today (almost finished – just need to add in the whiskers and do a few tiny other little modifications!)…

Session 1 – Block-In:

First Block-In (spent a few hours getting the background in and the cat shape/face laid out)

Session 2:

Second Session (spent a few hours building up the stripes/streaks of dark hair, shaping the ears, and moving the facial features around a bit. Added in highlights as well, and gave the background a bit more texture while also toning it down.)

Session 3:

Third Session (focused on the blanket and background by making them softer looking and more correctly-colored, as well as graying the face/paws a bit more than before. Added more hair feel in the ears and chest/neck areas, and defined the steaks/strips better, including shifting them around a bit. Worked a lot to shape the nose space, eyes, and paws more too.)

Session 4:

Fourth Session (spent most of the time defining the facial features and fur around the face/neck/chest, including placing the streaks/stripes in their correct location. Got the nose back in and adjusted the areas around and under the ears. Also focused a little more on the blanket to really show the plaid style and accurate colors.)

Nice sky

Nice sky out my window this eve; makes me happy. (May become a painting…)