Jessica Mickey Fine Art

I was born in raised in Arlington, VA, and am back residing here today after being a traveling fool for a few years, both in and out of college. I minored in Visual Arts at the University of San Diego, but back then my focus was photography. Today, I prefer to use a paintbrush and have found a deep love and appreciation for oil paints over the past several years. Like a photographer, I focus on light and vibrancy, attempting to draw my viewers in with color and composition. To that end, my style would most likely be categorized as photorealism, but I like to think I add a flare of effervescence that captivates a moment in time more than my photographs ever could. In fact, my work has unique undertones of hyper-realism, bringing my viewer’s eye directly where I want you to focus, sometimes even making you question whether it’s a painting or a photo. I’ve done many commissions, most often portraits of people and pets, but my favorite compositions are still landscapes of all kinds.